disco mermaid / a living visual story by Hong Kong's forma/informem

forma/informem is a fashion photography collaboration between boutique creative consultancy LIIPSTIIK and lifestyle/portrait photographer Amanda Kho based in Hong Kong. forma/informem aims to provide a creative platform 'where feminine identities converge, split and multiply in physical, measured spaces.' 

Each story features a rotating cast of talented collaborators and guest writers all based in Hong Kong. 

Femini are very excited to announce this exclusive overview of the most recent story in the project series: 'disco mermaid', a collection of art which offers a perspective on finding magic in everyday, open spaces. This project has original photography, styling, and a poem written to weave together the unique and different points of view of the collective.


disco mermaid

The world is my disco,

Come dance with me.

The beat matters not,

Only I, we, our feet, are free.

Free to dance, run, fly;

Carried by the wind.


I stop.



The wind is singing a song,

A song I do not know.

The wind whispers ‘be free’,

I answer, ‘where shall I go’?

My heart, my mind, my feet,

They all know the way.


I follow.




Spinning shards of light.

Molten sun beams of gold,

Silver sequin stars of night.


Sights, sounds, dreams.

The beats, the moments in between.

Ready for the next song.

Ready to dance, be free.


I am.


scene 1


scene 2


scene 3


mm goi sai

(cantonese for 'thank you')


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Team Credits

Photography | Amanda Kho
Styling and Art Direction | Jocelyn Liipfert, LIIPSTIIK
Production | Sarah Chiang, LIIPSTIIK
Model | Amorette Evans
Make-up | Jaime Smith
Hair | Yoyo Yip
Words | Jess Barnieh


Wardrobe Credits

scene 1
Top | Sleeper, Lisa Says Gah
Swimsuit | Marysia
Hair pin | Stylist’s own

scene 2
Top | Tach Clothing, Lisa Says Gah
Swimsuit | Marysia

scene 3
Swimsuit | Solid & Striped
Blazer | Vintage, Lisa Says Gah
Earrings | Sophie Buhai
Shoes | Brother Vellies

Edited by Hannah Crosbie