Image: @Cengiscape

Image: @Cengiscape


New Editorial Positions:


Editor for the Culture of Africa

Alike to other other regional Editors, Femini Magazine is looking for a new Editor to cover the activism, creative talent and news of the region of Africa. Your role will include scouting talented artists and activists who can be interviewed or featured on the website, communicating with a host of other friendly and inspiring Editors and putting forward original ideas for our printed copies.

You will be required to: Have creative flair, excellent written communication, be passionate about women thriving and to share an equal passion for the region of Africa.

Benefits and Perks: Gaining Editorial experience, working alongside other inspiring Editors. This is an unpaid, voluntary role - but you will learn a host of skills required to produce content and an original, conceptual publication. As well as this, you will represent Femini Magazine and so will be able to attend any promotional invitations that we receive.

Fill out the application below with your details, a short biography and the reasons why we should choose you for this position.

We will be in contact with you if you are successful and thank you for your time in advance.

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