Exploring Womanhood: An interview with Audrey Kitching


We were lucky enough to interview the incredible Audrey Kitching, the talented artist, model and designer of Crystal Cactus in Issue Two of Femini Magazine. Kitching offers her insight into the current climate of expression for women and where she would like to see society flourish in the future.


Q. What does being a woman mean to you and how do you express womanhood through different mediums?

A. To me, being a woman is powerful. That's the first word that comes to my mind. Most women have no idea how powerful they are. We are made of Earth. Nature is feminine in energetic form. Nature creates. We bring souls into this world. This is so powerful beyond comprehension. We are linked to the rhythms and cycles of the moon and draw power from her. Anybody who knows anything about full moon's will be aware of how they can control and shift major transformative things down here on Earth. That alone should be a reminder to women of their innate powers.


Q. What is your hope for women in the future of society and how would you like to see society develop to allow women to flourish?

A. The Divine Feminine needs to be reborn. As a species, women have been so repressed and turned into sexual objects. Society and mainstream media has cursed us as a species. To see popular figures on stage in thongs and touching themselves for the sake of shock factor and attention is not only a disgrace to women as a whole, but it perpetuates the themes that women are tools for pleasure. It is up to each of us as women and as individuals to break that curse. To respect ourselves, our souls and our bodies. Women need to be able to be naked, and dress how they want, without feeling like they are an object.

To me, the naked body is the most beautiful art in the world. Society has condemned nudity to sexual desires. I love to embody and showcase ancient art in all my Crystal Cactus branding on social media. Back then, the naked body was worshipped and seen as divine. Not a thing about those sculptures and paintings are sexual in nature, yet they are all showcasing the naked body; that says everything about today's modern society.


Q. What are your views on the expectations of women as graceful and elegant beings?

A. Every soul has its own personality, its own history and past lives - as well as its own qualities. That's like saying that every man should know how to build a house, or every woman has to be a great cook out of compulsion. Gender has nothing to do with it. I have met men who are so elegant that I was green with envy. I have met women who are physically stronger than any man I have ever seen.

It's not so much about gender, it's more about breaking society's stereotypes which are killing us as souls. Let men be vulnerable and feel and express what they want. Let women be powerful and strong and in charge, if they want to. Let people be who they are. o two should on Earth will ever carry the same qualifies. In conclusion we as society need to strong showcasing and worshipping this luxury, fake culture and start embracing individuality. Let's stop putting fakeness on a pedestal.


Photographs courtesy of: Bruno Roids

Words by: Audrey Kitching